How CBD Can Benefit Mental Health

Many studies have asserted that using CBD oil in Canada can help in relieving many conditions. Nevertheless, more research is still needed to know the benefits of CBD and how it can affect the body. CBDNorth CBD dog oil is very beneficial for your pet. However, some studies say that CBD is a promising treatment for many conditions such as anxiety, epilepsy, sleep problems, and depression, among many others.

Continue reading to learn how CBD can benefit mental health.

CBD for mental health


People suffering from neurologic diseases can benefit from CBD by lowering the degree and frequency of seizures. Conditions such as LGS or Lennox-Gastaut syndrome and Dravet syndrome do not react well to anti-seizure drugs. Videos of CBD being able to alleviate seizures circulated on social media. Research has also backed up the effectiveness of CBD.


Many people suffer from anxiety. In the US, around 19.1% of adults have anxiety disorders every year. Studies are suggesting that CBD can help in alleviating anxiety symptoms. A study looked at the neural basis, which could have made it possible for CBD to reduce symptoms of social anxiety disorder.

In 2015, Neurotherapeutics, a journal, published a study analyzing the current preclinical studies done on CBD use for anxiety. They discovered that it was effective for a few conditions related to anxiety. However, the study authors say that even though there is potential, more research is still needed.


The National Institute of Mental Health reported that one of the most common mental disorders many Americans have is depression. It affects 17.3 million adults every year. Treatments such as medications and psychotherapy work well. Nevertheless, there has been a growing interest in using alternative treatments recently.

CBD has been examined to have possible anti-depressant effects. Some anti-depressants work on serotonin receptors located in the brain. Having low serotonin levels can cause depression. Moreover, animal studies have suggested that CBD could affect the receptors making it have anti-depressant effects.

Sleep Problems

Since CBD can make people calm, it is promising to be used as a treatment for sleeping problems. Sleep is very important for your mental health and overall health. However, CDC or Centers for Disease Control and Prevention mentioned that a third of American adults do not get the right amount of sleep. This can lead to a serious health problem because lack of sleep can lead to health illnesses such as heart diseases, diabetes, depression, and obesity.

Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD)

Some studies say that CBD can help lower the symptoms of PTSD. According to a study released in the Journal of Alternative and Complementary Medicine, experts discovered that taking CBD orally and routine PTSD treatment can reduce the symptoms of this condition.


Finally, you have a better understanding of how our mental health can benefit from CBD. Nevertheless, you still need to consult a doctor or a medical professional if you have mental health disorder symptoms.

It is not recommended to do self-medication with CBD and other supplements. Doing this can cause a delay in your treatment and worsen your symptoms.

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