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Highway of Tears

mental health and well-being
Highway of Tears is a Canadian not-for-profit online resource for mental health and well-being. The fundamental aim of this website is to offer you several helpful advice on taking good care of your overall emotional...
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Ending Violence

Advice on taking good care of your overall emotional and psychological health.
Helping Men Who Are Being Abused
Domestic violence is usually perceived as an abuse wherein nearly all of the victims are women, but there are also...
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Recover from Sexual Assault
A sexual assault victim usually requires a lot of time to recover from trauma. Although it is vital to keep...
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What You Must Know About Domestic Violence
Domestic violence is an act of cruel abuse in which there is a victim and a perpetrator. The worst thing...
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Mental Health

Highway of Tears educates you on multiple aspects of mental wellness.
Relationship between Smoking and Mental Health
Many adults, Some experts and even children know the effects of smoking. Cigarette companies also make aware smokers of the effects of tobacco. However, not...
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Avoid an Abusive Relationship
To end a relationship with your family, friend, or lover is never easy. To put an end to an abusive relationship though is even harder,...
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Tips to Stop Worrying
It is only natural to worry about a particular situation, especially if you are unprepared or have not yet come up with a solution for...
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How CBD Can Benefit Mental Health

Some Possible Benefits of CBD for Mental Health

Many studies have asserted that CBD oil in Canada can help relieve many conditions. Nevertheless, more research is still needed to know the benefits of CBD and how it can affect the body. CBDNorth CBD dog oil is shown to be very beneficial for your pet. However, some studies say that CBD is a promising treatment for many human conditions, such as anxiety, epilepsy, sleep problems, and depression, among many others. Epilepsy People suffering from neurologic diseases can benefit from CBD by lowering the degree and frequency of seizures. Conditions such as LGS, Lennox-Gastaut, and ...
What You Need to Know About CBD for Anxiety

What You Need to Know About CBD for Anxiety

CBD or cannabidiol has been a trend lately. It’s not surprising that you can see a lot of products infused with it on the shelves of health food shops. According to most experts, it can help in treating many health conditions such as anxiety. Let’s find out if that’s the case. Can Cannabidiol Help in Treating Anxiety? It’s still not very clear at this point how cannabidiol or delta 8 online can help treat anxiety. According to research, it can work on serotonin levels. In case you’re wondering, serotonin is a chemical found in the ...