Recover from Sexual Assault

A sexual assault victim usually requires a lot of time to recover from trauma. Although it is vital to keep in mind that what the victim faced is a natural response to suffering. The following tips may help you get over the ordeal, restore your perception of security and faith, and understand how to move forward with your life.

Opening up about the things that transpired during the sexual assault is no doubt the most difficult step towards recovery, but it is also the first one. Be mindful about whom you will share the information with. Make sure to reach out to someone you know who is truly trustworthy and does not make any quick judgement on you. Do not keep it to yourself because it only adds to feelings of humiliation.

If any flashback suddenly plays on your mind and you struggle with a sense of shame as a result, acknowledge the fact that you are not responsible for bringing the attack on yourself. Try to remember constantly that the flashback you recalled is not reality.

Once you notice those troubling memories starting to disappear from your mind slowly and surely, you need to stop isolating yourself anymore, reconnect with the outside world, interact socially, and reach out to your friends again.