What You Must Know About Domestic Violence

Domestic violence is an act of cruel abuse in which there is a victim and a perpetrator. The worst thing about this type of assault is that it ranks amongst the least reported crimes around the world. Thus, there is this likelihood of the abuser or attacker to repeat the brutal cycle. To all domestic violence victims who want to break free from this chain badly, you need to understand the ensuing signs and seek help directly.

First, you must assess how you feel towards your abusive partner. Whenever you feel emotionally helpless or frightened towards your partner most of the time, this means you are about to go through or already in the abusive relationship loop. Next, gauge your partner’s behaviour towards you. If you notice right away that your partner belittles you, threatens to kill you, or acts extremely possessive, this is a surefire warning sign that you must not neglect anymore. Other dangerous signs to watch out for are forced sex, deprivation of self-worth, and rigid financial control.

You can still turn the tide in your favour as long as you ask for immediate help from police or a social worker. If you know any acquaintance or friend who has encountered domestic violence, do not be afraid to speak up, offer your support, and never hesitate to report such abuse to the authorities.