Depression in Females

There is a slight difference between depression in males and in females. In some instances, females have a tendency to show specific depression symptoms more often compared to males. By navigating through the following information, you will find out more about the clues and sources of depression in women, as well as the steps that you can take towards recovery.

To confirm if a woman is showing signs of depression, look out for these subsequent red flags:
● Abrupt changes in appetite, weight, and sleep pattern
● Concerns over decision making and focus
● Isolation from social activities such as hobbies and pastimes
● Tendency to think suicidal thoughts or commit suicide

The following triggering factors or causes, which are specific to the female gender, differentiate depression in women from depression in men:
● The existence of any issues related to the ideal womanly body image
● Premenstrual problems that may include hormonal fluctuations happening at the same time as the menstrual cycle
● A number of hormonal changes taking place during pregnancy
● The perimenopausal and menopausal stages
● Any atypical sign wherein a woman eats or sleeps excessively as opposed to doing one of these things less likely

If you think that a few of these things apply to you, it is highly recommended that you urgently reach out for social support with help from your family or friends.