Relationship between Smoking and Mental Health

Many adults, Some experts and even children know the effects of smoking. Cigarette companies also make aware smokers of the effects of tobacco. However, not many people know that smoking can also cause mental health problems. Research shows that smoking indeed affects the mental health of smokers.


Addiction is the most common mental health effect of smoking. Addiction is caused by a substance in tobacco called nicotine. Nicotine travels to the brain in a span of ten seconds improving concentration and mood and decreasing stress. However, the feeling does not last long since the nicotine does not stay long in the system.

When nicotine is in short supply, the body experiences withdrawal symptoms. This is what brings addiction since smokers become dependent on smoking to keep nicotine in their system.


Many people smoke to get the feeling of relaxation caused by nicotine. However, research shows that smoking only causes relaxation for only a short time. After that, nicotine withdrawal lead to tensions and anxieties.


Some people use smoking as a self-medication for stress. Stress causes headaches, ulcers, anxiety, or breathlessness and some people turn to alcohol and cigarettes to relieve stress. People think that smoking reduces stress but this is not true. Addiction to smoking and withdrawal symptoms makes people feel stressed especially when they cannot find a cigarette to smoke.


People suffering from depression are likely to smoke to reduce the feeling of depression. This is a grave mistake since depression makes it very difficult to stop smoking because the withdrawal symptoms become more severe. The depressed smoker might become even more depressed since he or she is unable to stop smoking.

Nicotine stimulates the brain to release a compound called dopamine. Dopamine is a hormone that causes positive feelings. Depressed people have low dopamine levels and that is why many of them turn to smoke to increase the level of dopamine in their system. Dopamine from nicotine causes the brain to depend on smoking for stimulation. Eventually, the depressed person smokes more to keep dopamine levels constant.

It is not yet known if smoking causes depression or depression leads to smoking. The relationship is complex but very common.


Research shows that people suffering from schizophrenia make up the majority of heavy smokers. This is because people with schizophrenia tend to use smoking to control the symptoms of their mental illnesses. They also smoke to reduce the side effects caused by schizophrenia medications.

Like many other mental health issues, research shows that schizophrenia and smoking have a causal relationship.

Many people who smoke say that they started smoking to reduce symptoms of their mental health problems. However, deeper investigation reveals that many of them begin smoking even before they start suffering from a mental health issue. There is no evidence that forms of smoking including vaping help reduce symptoms of mental health illnesses. The symptoms might reduce in the first few minutes after smoking but in the long run, the symptoms will come back and probably become more severe. In conclusion, the relationship between smoking and mental health illnesses remains complex. Some mental health issues seem to encourage smoking, while smoking seems to worsen existing mental health issues.

Ways to Print Designs on Plain Shirts

Shirts with colorful and fun designs can be attractive, trendy, and stylish. It adds up to your fashion sense and can even make you look fresh and chic. It is even better if you wear a custom t shirts. This gives you that personal touch on the design of the shirt you are wearing. But having these appealing shirts do not have to be expensive as you can do the printing of the designs on plain shirts.

Printing designs on plain shirts are fun, easy, and cheap. You can even make this as your small business. You could also have the shirts given as gifts to your friends and family. To make the printing of the custom shirts look good and stylish, know how to do it properly. Here are some tips.

  • Stencil Printing

This is the method where the design comes from a stencil. You cut out cardboard according to your desired design. Place the stencil on the shirt and keep it in place with the use of masking tape. Rollover fabric paints on the stencil so that the design will be painted on the shirt. For this method, you will need a plain shirt, stencil, fabric paint, paint roller, and masking tape. There are ready-made stencils that you can buy in the market, or you can create your own using cardboard.

  • Screen Paint Printing

This method makes use of a screen to get the design printed on the shirt. For this method, you will need a plain shirt, screen, screen printing paint, squeegee, craft paper, and a craft knife. You can cut out the design on the craft paper. Some screens can be bought in the market so you will not have to make one.

Place the screen over the craft paper and then put it on the shirt. Start your way to apply paint on the screen using the squeegee. This will evenly spread out paint all over the shirt. It is essential that you carefully lift the screen after working so that the paint will not splatter over the shirt.

  • Iron-on Transfer Printing

This is a more modern style of shirt printing. For this, you will need a plain shirt, iron-on transfer paper, printer, and iron. You can create any design you want since you can do this on the computer. Have the design printed on the paper. Cut it out and put it on the shirt. Make sure that the shirt is not wrinkled or crumpled. Once the design is steady on the shirt, press it with a hot iron. This will get the design transferred on the shirt.

These ways need a flat and wide working station. This will ensure that your designs will be correctly transferred to the shirt. You will also need to wash the shirt before printing on it as some shirts may shrink once washed. This will avoid any changes or errors in the transferring of the designs.

Final Thoughts

Custom shirts are relaxed and fun, especially if you put in your efforts to make it. You may experience challenges and troubles at first, but with practice, you can perfect the activity of printing designs on shirts.

Your Guide to Making Positive T-Shirt Designs for Mental Wellness

Spreading positive messages can be done in a lot of ways. One of the most effective methods to do this is by printing these messages on a custom t shirts. If you’re one who wants to spread positivity and uplift and inspire people with mental issues, then it’s high time that you start spreading the love through these amazing t-shirts. To start, follow the steps below:

Step 1 – Conceptualization of the Design

Brainstorming about how your design will appear is an important aspect. You should be able to identify what your design will initially represent. There are three common types:

Commercial – Companies or shops that sell shirts.

Specialized – Organizations, family reunions or charity associations.

Personal – Custom T-shirts.

Step 2 – Digitally Creating the Design

The most popular software used in t-shirt designing is Adobe Photoshop. It offers a variety of use of tools that enable artists to create designs. You may look for articles or watch videos that provide tutorials on how to use the software.

Step 3 – Printing Your Design

Here are different ways to print your design:


This method uses a printing screen available at art shops. The screen is stretched and stapled across a wooden frame. The actual design will be created using emulsion and light bulbs. The application of the ink will be swiped from top to bottom using a squeegee.


This uses a craft knife to cut or slice out the black spots of the design that has been printed black and white on a sticker. It also uses flat cardboard inside the shirt to evenly apply the paint on the t-shirt using a sponge brush.

Bleach Painting 

This method uses bleach. The shirt is laid flat on a table or surface. The guideline of the design will be initially sketched on the surface of the shirt to avoid errors in actual designing. It will then be traced using a brush that has been submerged in bleach. The results will show once the shirt dries up.

Digital Printing 

This is the most commonly used method of commercial printing for shirts, which uses a printing machine.

Important Things to Remember


If in case you need to put a person’s picture in the design, you need to ensure that you were permitted to use it to avoid getting yourself into trouble.

Copyrighted Images 

Using copyrighted logos, figures, or images in your t-shirt design without the permission of the owner or company who owns them (especially if you are going to use them for commercial purposes) could get you sued. Imitating one’s brand or logo could deceive buyers, illegally raising your profit, and reducing the original brand’s sales. It’s illegally making a cheaper copy of the company’s design, which is a no-no.

Stolen Designs 

Copying the entire t-shirt design without any permission from the original owner can also get you into another trouble. It is like using copyrighted images, but bigger. If you wish to use the entire design, you must have permission to do so whether you will print it for personal or commercial purposes.

Final Thoughts

Now that you know this guide and the things you have to remember, you can finally design t-shirts with positive messages to inspire more people. With this, spreading motivation wouldn’t be so hard anymore.